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Invisible Traces

Invisible Traces

Sung Wong Yun 

Invisible Traces

Acrylic on canvas

30 x 30 in.


    Sung Won Yun was born in 1977 in Seoul, Korea and works in New York City. She is working on representing fundamental questions about homogenization of cultural, ecological, or geological process in the congeries of time. Works exhibited by Sung Won Yun, both drawings on mylar and large-scale abstract paintings, are accumulations of countless layers of precise brushstrokes and marks that build into airy and atmospheric abstractions.


    Sung Won Yun exhibitions internationally, including with Helen J Gallery in Los Angeles, Anderson Yezerski in Boston, as well as notable gallery and museum exhibitions in New York City, Seoul and Tokyo.


    "The emotional space in my paintings is created by an accumulation of many layers of subtly varying chromatic layers, which represents accumulation of memories or congeries of time. The monochromatic surface is a result of a superposition of more than 30 layers. The superposition introduces another dimension to the intrinsically two-dimensional media. As an observer approaches to the painting, individual heterogeneity becomes more pronounced from the inseparable whole."

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