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Midden No.6

Midden No.6

Jonathan Mess 

Midden No.6

Various ceramics

16 x 10.5 x 2.25 in.


    Jonathan Mess is a ceramicist currently based in midcoast Maine. He works experimentally with reclaimed ceramics. Layering different types of found clay and playing with a variety of materials, the sculptures create geological-like strata, fissures and valleys.


    I create my sculptures and wall slabs by slowly pouring layers of colored casting slip and various reclaimed materials—slop clay, cast-aside glazes, discarded, and broken work—into manipulated cardboard box molds. Embracing risk and the unknown, I fire the works to various temperatures, encouraging lower temperature materials to ooze and slump of their own accord.”


    Mess has received several grants and awards, including the Maine Arts Commission's 2015 Contemporary Craft Fellowship, a St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Award, a Ruth & Harold Chenven Foundation Grant, and selection as a finalist for the Society of Contemporary Craft’s Raphael Founder’s Prize in 2013. His work is in private collections and is exhibited nationally and internationally.

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