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Tre Sorelle

Tre Sorelle

Samantha Eckert

Tre Sorelle

Dimensions variable


Installation of three knitted sculptures. Inquire for further details.


    Samantha Eckert is a VT-based conceptual artist whose practice is sourced through materiality. The exhibited works are deeply influenced by her Italian heritage and handcrafted objects made by her mother and grandmother. Through their legacy she explores memory myth, ancestry, loss, and longing, weaving between personal and political themes. Eckert exhibits internationally and is currently the Exhibitions Director at AVA Gallery & Art Center.


    In Tre Sorelle, Eckert handknit and dyed forms reminiscent of chrysalis or fish nets, suspended in the air in fluorescent pink and rhinestone, “vessels that incubate, are impermanent, and signify mortality.” 


    Over a telephone line, while describing her view outside the window, once upon a time, my mother told me– the color of the sky is pink. Whether my mom was commenting on nature’s beauty discovered at sunset or inspiring me with a clever metaphor, I’ve never been sure.

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