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What Andy Taught Me

What Andy Taught Me

Kevin Xiques

What Andy Taught Me

Acrylic on canvas

30 x 24 in.


    Kevin Xiques, currently based in Queens, NY, uses intuitive mark making and gesture to create self-reflective abstractions. He views his paintings as visual diaries, painting intuitively and tapping into his subconscious in search of the truth above all else. Through the accumulation of intertwined gesture, shape, density, and color, his action or inaction informs his relationship to himself in the present, recording a specific moment in time.


    "My action or inaction informs my relationship with myself in the present moment; happiness, pain, love, and resentment all inhabit the world that I create on the canvas. When finished, a piece of myself is revealed, generated through an accumulation of intertwined gesture, shape, density, and color"

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